About Us

Our Mission

My Tree Planet’s mission is to combat climate change by planting trees to ensure a sustainable, clean future on a global scale. 

As an environmental charity, our focus is to bring awareness on issues revolving climate change and to create an environment where giving back is a simple process. 

Through My Tree Planet, individuals, groups or businesses can stand alongside us in our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, protect biodiversity, and of course rebuild our world’s forests – all through the act of planting trees.

Our Story

In a sentence, the world needs more trees! 

My Tree Planet was founded by Sean Zaboroski in 2018. Sean grew up enjoying the nature in and around Winnipeg, Canada.  He has always been caring, conscious and passionate about the preservation of nature and the environment. Over the years he has supported many environmental causes.

As a father and an advocate for the environment, Sean is committed to ensuring that My Tree Planet does its part in the fight against climate change and is dedicated to make our world a better place for generations to come.

Our Team

Sean Zaboroski: Founder & Board Member

Other than founding My Tree Planet, Sean is an experienced entrepreneur and lawyer with multiple successful business ventures. 

Currently, Sean stays active in My Tree Planet’s key functions and advisor as a dedicated member of our Board of Directors.


Taylor Beatty: Executive Director 

Taylor is the face of our day-to-day operations, ensuring everything runs as efficiently and smoothly as possible. An environmentalist for years, she's extremely proud to be part of an organization that is doing its part to reduce the effects of climate change.


Justyna Nowak: Communications & Marketing Manager

Justyna manages our communications, marketing, and social media everyday with a smile. A lover of all things outdoors, Justyna enjoys a good hike or a camping trip in her home province of Ontario!